List of 100+ Best Online Shopping Sites in United Kingdom (2023)

List of 100+ Best Online Shopping Sites in United Kingdom (1)

Remember the days when we had to plan our schedules according to the timings of the stores? “I should leave work at 7 because the grocery store might shut by 8 and oh, I have to pick up the TV remote batteries which cannot be accessed after 8.30.”

There is a simple solution out there for these worries – ecommerce! And the best part? Get your goods delivered to your door without even moving an inch.

So, here are a few popular online shopping websites in the United Kingdom you can consider.

Multi Product Websites

Need some crayons, a kettle and a portable swing, you need not go to 3 different stores. In fact, you need not go to any store. Just get behind a screen, log onto to one of the multi product websites below and shop away. Anything you need would be available there.


Electronics and GadgetsList of 100+ Best Online Shopping Sites in United Kingdom (2)

The first thing we do after waking up and the last thing we do before sleeping is check our phone. That just shows how much we love our man-made instruments. Electronics have become a necessity to mankind to the extent that life seems empty without them.

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These websites totally know that and thus are available to you all day, every day. Whenever you feel a need to buy another gadget, just head over here and they will cater to all your requirements. Not just that, they will even offer you great promotional discounts and offers!

Automobile and Related Products

List of 100+ Best Online Shopping Sites in United Kingdom (3)

There is a booming market for online markets who sell a variety of car accessories and related products, like car covers, sun shields, and many other products that beautify and protect your car from harsh weather.

Dive in the list of online websites of UK to get access to some of the best products related to automobile.

Refurbished and Overstocked Products

These few websites relieve you off the most dreadful part of shopping – the payment. How do they do that? By cutting the cost of the products down. The catch, however, is that these products are refurbished and overstock goods. But hey, rest assured, they are of the best quality and functionality. Get your most desired goods at a fraction of the cost only at these ecommerce websites in United Kingdom.

Fashion Accessories

List of 100+ Best Online Shopping Sites in United Kingdom (4)

Who does not want to feel confident, look stunning, and showcase their exquisite taste in fashion? Whether you are a fashion icon of your neighborhood, your workplace, or the entire nation, you would find whatever you want on these few websites.

This list of online shopping site in United Kingdom is where you would find all kinds of accessories ranging from bags to shoes to jewelry.


List of 100+ Best Online Shopping Sites in United Kingdom (5)

They say the use of cosmetics boosts up the confidence of men and women. Hair gel, foundation, concealer, perfume, eyeshadow, lip gloss, and the list goes on and on. These sites have got something in store for every single person. Delve into the world of beauty as you shop from our expansive collection of beauty products.

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Pamper yourself or pamper others with perhaps a surprise package at their door.

Only for Girls

List of 100+ Best Online Shopping Sites in United Kingdom (6)

Need some sexy lingerie, a matt lipstick, and some accessories? Girls, look no further. Whatever your heart wants, these online sites will provide. They have a vast range of options for you to choose from.

So, don’t hold back, go on a crazy shopping spree because all you have to do is click a few buttons and everything will be at your doorstep within a matter of days.

Kids & Babies

List of 100+ Best Online Shopping Sites in United Kingdom (7)

How do you ignore a kid’s plea to own that brown fluffy teddy bear? It is pretty tough especially when the irresistible puppy face comes into play. Kids deserve all your care. And that is exactly what these websites help you with.

Whatever your kid needs, have him/her point to it on the computer screen and get it outside your door in no time. And then just watch that adorable wide smile on their faces which in itself is a big, fat, and warm hug to you.

Health and Fitness

List of 100+ Best Online Shopping Sites in United Kingdom (8)

Fitness freaks, go that extra mile at your workout session because you no longer have to spend time shopping for your health and fitness essentials. That job is now taken care of by these famous British ecommerce sites.

Now, you can concentrate on keeping yourself fit and healthy while these sites will get you your timely health requirements. Their endless range of products is surely enough to give you all that you need.


Event booking

List of 100+ Best Online Shopping Sites in United Kingdom (9)

Coldplay concert tickets, seminar on investing opportunities for beginners, the new Marvel movie screening at the cinema hall. Gone are the days people waited in line for tickets to these kinds of events.

These are just some of the events for which these event booking websites allow you to book your tickets online, without any hassles. And if you don’t have an event in mind, simply keep a tab on what is happening around you through these sites.


List of 100+ Best Online Shopping Sites in United Kingdom (10)

They know travel planning is a little draining so they let you focus on the exciting part of traveling while they do all the taxing work. You can even book your flights on the go. Simply tap your screen a few times on these online shopping apps in United Kingdom and start packing your bags already! Get the best deals and holiday packages through these.

Office & Supplies

List of 100+ Best Online Shopping Sites in United Kingdom (11)

Deck up your office to allow for the most professional yet comforting environment your employees could possibly have. Any office related products you need, these websites will have you covered.

Browse, choose the best, and get them delivered straight to your office. Furniture, stationery, or scanners! you name it, you click on it, and you get it. As simple as that!

Home & Kitchen

List of 100+ Best Online Shopping Sites in United Kingdom (12)

Get the best home decor exclusives to jazz up your home. Choose from a variety of lamps to brighten up the mood of the kitchen or the most comfortable couches to cozy the living room up.

Whatever your house needs, they get it sent right to it. Mold your house to make it a home.



List of 100+ Best Online Shopping Sites in United Kingdom (13)

Give your home an ethnic touch by opting for some of the magnificent handicrafts. A hint of color and culture is enough to illuminate your home. Choose from the many, many products from these top ecommerce websites in United Kingdom.

Pets & All

List of 100+ Best Online Shopping Sites in United Kingdom (14)

Coming home to your pets is a different feeling altogether, one that cannot be described in words. Whether you own a turtle, a dog or a hamster, a pet is just another member of your family and fills up any emptiness in your life. Show them you care for them and shower them with the love they deserve. Shop for all pet related items on the websites below.

Books & All

List of 100+ Best Online Shopping Sites in United Kingdom (15)

If you are one of those people who are usually found at the corner table of a café with your face hid by the book you don’t pause reading even to take a sip of your coffee, come check out what these websites have in store for you! Books, books and so many books.

Choose any genre, any author and any language you want, these websites will deliver the precious little things right to your house.


List of 100+ Best Online Shopping Sites in United Kingdom (16)

The art of playing sports is not known by many. Only those who love it will vouch for it. Whether you are an Olympic athlete or play cricket as an after-school activity, your sports needs will be fulfilled. Be it tennis, rugby, or ice hockey, this is your one-stop shop for all your sports necessities.


List of 100+ Best Online Shopping Sites in United Kingdom (17)

The best part about gifting someone is the smile you see on their face. It truly is overwhelming. And no, you do not necessarily need an occasion to gift your special one. Browse through all the different gift packages available on these best online shopping sites United Kingdom.

Groceries & Food

List of 100+ Best Online Shopping Sites in United Kingdom (18)

Don’t we all hate it when we realize the key ingredient in tonight’s special menu is missing? No need to pause everything in the kitchen to rush out and get it. Just get on one of the websites below, choose what you need and it will be sent to you. Allow grocery shopping to be taken care of by these online sites because they know it can get very tedious.

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Don’t you also agree that our lives have never been easier?

Now that you know some of the best possible online shopping websites there are in the United Kingdom, let the shopping spree commence! And hey, the phrase “shop till you drop” does not even apply to you. So, let loose and shop your heart away.


What is the most popular online shopping site in UK? ›

Can I shop online in the UK? ›

From 1 January 2021, you will still have consumer rights when buying online from UK retailers. However, these rights will be set down in UK law and not EU law. The legal guarantees you have under EU law may no longer apply. Find out where the business is located.

What do people buy the most online UK? ›

Goods and services ranked by share of individuals who purchased online in Great Britain in 2020
CharacteristicShare of respondents
Printed books, magazines or newspapers29%
Furniture, home accessories or gardening products28%
Computers, tablets, mobile phones or accessories24%
Children's toys or childcare items22%
9 more rows
Jul 27, 2022

How many eCommerce sites are there in UK? ›

The UK is currently home to 1,611 high-growth e-commerce companies.

Can I order Amazon to UK? ›

FREE Delivery is available if you order items for delivery to the UK or the Republic of Ireland. The product detail page shows if your items qualify for this delivery option. If you're an Amazon Prime member, you have unlimited One-Day Delivery and Priority Delivery at no extra cost within the UK.

What is the cheapest online store in UK? ›

Cheapest Online Supermarkets For Delivery 2023
  • Tesco.
  • Co-Op.
  • Morrisons.
  • Lidl.
  • Iceland.
  • Waitrose.
  • M&S.
  • Ocado.
Dec 5, 2022

Can I buy from Amazon com'in UK? ›

Can I buy from Amazon in another country? The short answer is yes. You can. But that doesn't mean that every item can go anywhere in the world - there's no guarantee the item you want is available for shipping to your location.

What is famous to buy UK? ›

  • Tea and Biscuits from Fortnum & Mason. ...
  • Personalized Souvenir from To Home from London. ...
  • Something from Harrods. ...
  • Antiques from Portobello Road Market. ...
  • London Umbrella. ...
  • Beatles Memorabilia from the London Beatles Store. ...
  • Perfume from Miller Harris. ...
  • Food from Borough Market.
Apr 25, 2022

What is the most purchased item in UK? ›

Top selling items in United Kingdom
  • Clothing.
  • Food.
  • Books.
  • Home essentials.
  • Mobile phone.
  • Games & Toys.
  • Beauty items.
  • Personal care.
Sep 28, 2022

How popular is online shopping UK? ›

In the United Kingdom (UK), over 80 percent of the population makes e-commerce purchases, or to put it in other words, over four in five UK consumers are digital buyers.

What is the most popular online shopping platform? › is ranked number 1 as the most popular website in the eCommerce & Shopping category in January 2023. The average amount of time that users spend on the website is 00:07:00 minutes, and they see, on average, 9.33 pages per visit.

How popular is eCommerce in the UK? ›

The fact also remains that the UK is the most lucrative ecommerce market in Europe, with 2022 showing nearly 60 million ecommerce users in the country. That leaves only a small proportion of the population as non-digital buyers, meaning the opportunity for brands online remains significant.

How do I find only UK websites? ›

So, the full procedure is:
  1. Right click the URL box at the top of any Google Chrome window.
  2. Click Edit Search Engines…
  3. Click the Add… button.
  4. Set the name to whatever you want (e.g. "Google UK").
  5. Set the keyword to whatever you want (e.g. "uk").
  6. Click the Add button.
  7. Click the Make Default button.
Jul 28, 2010

Which app does UK use the most? ›

App App NamePublisher Publisher
1Tesco Grocery & ClubcardTesco plc
2TikTokTikTok Pte. Ltd.
3Street Fighter: DuelCrunchyroll Games, LLC
4WhatsApp MessengerWhatsApp LLC
46 more rows

What is the UK's website? ›

Welcome to GOV.UK.

Which social media is used most in UK? ›

Despite an increase in recent months, Facebook still enjoys a healthy market position in the UK, holding an estimated 56 percent share of the market. The service attracted 50.6 million UK users during May 2021, and Facebook UK Limited generated 1.1 billion British pounds in revenue during 2019.

Does Amazon deliver to the UK from USA? ›

You can get almost anything on and ship it to United Kingdom through Borderlinx. You can buy from the USA on dvds, books, the kindle, toys, headphones or clothing, jewelry and kitchenware. And with Borderlinx you can ship it to United Kingdom.

Does Walmart ship to the UK? ›

Does Walmart Ship Internationally? Walmart US does not ship internationally, however, you can use a package forwarding company like Planet Express to ship products to your country.

Can I ship to UK from my US Amazon account? ›

Does Amazon US ship to UK? No, Amazon US does not ship to the UK. With a MyUS membership, you get a US address to shop from Amazon US, ship to your MyUS address, then MyUS will forward your packages to the UK.

Is ASOS UK cheaper than us? ›

When you check out on the site using your American location, but choosing to view the price in British pounds, your purchase ends up being 20% cheaper than if you selected to keep it in American dollars.

How can I shop online safely UK? ›

Shopping online securely
  1. Introduction.
  2. Choose carefully where you shop.
  3. Use a credit card for online payments.
  4. Only provide enough details to complete your purchase.
  5. Keep your accounts secure.
  6. Watch out for suspicious emails, text messages and websites.
  7. If things go wrong.

Does UK have a store like Walmart? ›

Well, Walmart owns a chain of stores in the UK called ASDA. ASDA is Britain's second largest supermarket, and while it started as its own brand back in 1965, the International Walmart Corporation acquired it in 1999. So it's the closest thing you're going to get to Walmart without actually visiting one!

Can I order from UK and send to USA? ›

Yes, parcels sent from the Uk to the USA will require customs duty to be paid and this will vary depending on the value of your goods.

How do I access Amazon UK? ›

To update your country settings:
  1. From your smart phone or computer, go to Manage Your Content and Devices and log in with your existing Amazon account.
  2. Open the Preferences tab.
  3. Select Country/Region Settings and then select Change.
  4. Update with the country you're currently located in and select Update.

Can I transfer my Amazon Prime membership to another country? ›

You can switch from an Amazon Prime membership for a specific country to a Prime membership in another country. To switch your Amazon Prime membership: End your current Prime membership or cancel your free trial membership. Go to Your Amazon Prime Membership.

What things are cheaper in UK than us? ›

The Top 25 Things that are Cheaper in the UK.
  • British Tea. Brits love tea, and we don't want to pay a fortune for it. ...
  • Cadbury chocolate. Cadbury chocolate isn't available in every corner of the world. ...
  • Museum Gifts. ...
  • Union Jack Items. ...
  • Bath Items. ...
  • Creams & Lotions. ...
  • Women's clothing. ...
  • Men's clothing.
Nov 29, 2018

What is best in UK to buy? ›

Top Items to Buy in UK Grocery Stores
  1. Crisps. More commonly known as potato chips, they're called crisps in the UK! ...
  2. Cheese. The UK is famous for their cheddar cheese and it accounts for more than half of all cheeses sold in Britain! ...
  3. Jams and Marmalade. ...
  4. British Chocolate. ...
  5. Tea. ...
  6. Digestive Cookies. ...
  7. Pimm's No. ...
  8. HP Sauce.
Oct 15, 2022

Where should I buy in the UK? ›

Key Findings
  • Cumbria (71/100 Score) ranked as the best English county to buy a house in, based on avg. ...
  • Regionally, the North East is the best part of England to buy in, whereas London (24/100 avg.) ...
  • For Scotland, Falkirk (71/100) is the best council area to buy in – while Edinburgh is the worst (31/100).
May 16, 2022

Is stuff cheaper in the UK? ›

Key Takeaways

Overall, the cost of living in the U.K. is 0.49% lower than in the United States. Rent overall is about 22.55% lower in the U.K.

What products are in high demand right now UK? ›

9 trending products to sell online in 2022
  • Pet carriers. Worlwide searches for pet carriers and pet crates and accessories have more than tripled in the past 2 years. ...
  • Yoga mats. ...
  • Baby carriers. ...
  • Pet food. ...
  • Robot vacuums. ...
  • Shapewear. ...
  • Smart bulbs. ...
  • Smart home products.
Mar 12, 2022

What are the 2 biggest online retailers? ›

Search results
#NameMain country / share
1 (1), Inc.United States 96.0%
2 (4) Walmart, Inc.United States 100.0%
3 (3) Apple, Inc.United States 50.3%
4 (7) Target CorporationUnited States 100.0%
21 more rows

Which online shopping is best and cheap? ›

Best Online Shopping Apps That You Should Check Out
  1. Amazon. The e-commerce platform has become synonymous with the shopping experience. ...
  2. Myntra. Myntra is a household name for fashion shopping in India. ...
  3. Flipkart. Another well-known e-commerce platform is Flipkart. ...
  4. AJIO. ...
  5. Meesho.
Feb 28, 2023

What are the Top 5 selling items online? ›

And with accelerating sales, the B2B e-commerce sector is on track to reach $13.6 trillion in value by 2027,2, meaning 2023 is likely to be another big year for the industry.
Top 10 trending products to sell online in 2023
  1. Health and Lifestyle. ...
  2. Fashion. ...
  3. Personal care and beauty. ...
  4. Kitchen. ...
  5. Home. ...
  6. Childcare. ...
  7. Pet products. ...
  8. Office.
Dec 6, 2022

What is the biggest shopping place in the UK? ›

Westfield London

What is the busiest online shopping day in the UK? ›

The data released by Sendcloud showed that Mondays are the busiest day of the year for deliveries across The Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the UK.

Why do people shop online UK? ›

The top reason consumers prefer to buy items online is the free shipping option offered by ecommerce stores. Almost half (49.4%) of consumers list it as one of the main reasons they shop online.

What is the most popular selling site? ›

Amazon. Amazon is the most popular and successful eCommerce website right now. It could very well be the best place to sell things online because of the sheer number of buyers who visit Amazon. 23% of all online shoppers start their search on Amazon before buying anything.

What is the largest online shopping platform in the world? ›

The company initially started as an online marketplace for books. However, Amazon has grown to become the world's largest retail chain.

What is the most popular online shop in UK? ›

What is the most popular online store in the UK? ›

What people buy most online in the UK? ›

Goods and services ranked by share of individuals who purchased online in Great Britain in 2020
CharacteristicShare of respondents
Clothes (including sports clothing), shoes and accessories55%
Deliveries from restaurants, fast-food chains or catering services32%
Printed books, magazines or newspapers29%
10 more rows
Jul 27, 2022

Who is the number 1 retailer in the UK? ›

Tesco is the largest UK retailer by both turnover and number of employees. Amazon comes in as the largest by EBIDTA although this is largely because of its global footprint.

What is the UK version of Best Buy? ›

What are some best-Buy equivalents in the UK? The only real equivalent today is Curry's. It's the only major national, big-box store, electronics retailer left. The others have all either gone out of business (eg Comet) or merged in to Curry's (eg Dixon's).

What is Best Buy equivalent in UK? ›

Maplin. With over 200 stores in the UK, Maplin is a great alternative to Best Buy in the UK and even has some stores in London.

Who are the top 5 retailers in the UK? ›

The United Kingdom's leading retailers were supermarket chains, with Tesco ranking at the very top based on its annual sales of approximately 53.2 billion British pounds for 2021/2022. Together with Sainsbury's, Asda, and Morrisons, this quartet is often referred as “Big Four” in the UK grocery retail market.

Who are the Big 4 retailers UK? ›

Prior to the popularity of the discounters, the grocery retail market was dominated by the 'big four' supermarkets: Tesco, Sainsbury's, Asda, and Morrisons. On the back of the post-Brexit uncertainty and growing inflation, consumer behavior has shifted in favor of cheaper alternatives such as Aldi and Lidl.

What are the biggest retailers in UK? ›

The four biggest retailers in the UK are Tesco, Sainsbury's, Walmart (Asda) and Morrisons meaning that supermarkets dominate the industry.

What is London's most famous shopping street called? ›

Oxford Street: Probably the most famous shopping street in London. Here, you'll be able to find the most popular shops and department stores. Covent Garden: One of the liveliest areas of London. Inside the market and in its adjacent streets you'll find clothes, accessories and souvenir shops.

Who is the biggest clothing retailer in the UK? ›

1ASOS ASOSAffordable Fashion
2BOOH boohooAffordable Fashion
3VERY VeryAffordable Fashion
4NEAP Net-a-PorterMulti-brand Retailer
39 more rows

Which city has most shops in UK? ›

The Best Cities for Shopping in the UK
  • London. Shopping in London doesn't need too much introduction. ...
  • Manchester. With a plethora of fantastic shops, boutiques and markets, shopping in Manchester will keep you shopping until you're dropping. ...
  • Birmingham. ...
  • Leeds. ...
  • Edinburgh. ...
  • Brighton. ...
  • Glasgow.
Jun 24, 2022

What shop in the UK is like Target? ›

UK equivalent of Target includes:

John Lewis – Covers all the departments Target has to offer but at Nordstrom prices. Marks & Spencer – Offers high-end food (particularly for entertaining) at higher prices and high-quality clothes at reasonable prices. Next – Target alternative for kids' clothes and housewares.

What is the British equivalent to Walmart? ›

Well, Walmart owns a chain of stores in the UK called ASDA. ASDA is Britain's second largest supermarket, and while it started as its own brand back in 1965, the International Walmart Corporation acquired it in 1999. So it's the closest thing you're going to get to Walmart without actually visiting one!

Can I order from Best Buy Online UK? ›

Best Buy Shipping FAQ. Does Best Buy ship internationally? The Best Buy USA ( online store doesn't ship internationally (outside of the US). If you want to buy electronics from Best Buy USA, you have to use a package forwarding company like Planet Express that offers a 'Shop For Me' service.

Is there Best Buy UK? ›

Best Buy Europe Distributions Ltd.

Best Buy branded superstores opened in the United Kingdom beginning on April 30, 2010, with a store in Thurrock, Essex.


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